About Walnut Creek Towing Service

Welcome to Walnut Creek! Shield Towing is proud to say we’ve been a part of the Walnut Creek community for many years. We’ve built our company off of our high-standing reputation and relationship with the Walnut Creek drivers and we’re anxious to continue setting the standard for customer service! Knowing the roads of Walnut Creek as well as we do has allowed us to develop our team in those ways that benefit Walnut Creek driver’s the most. From guaranteeing fast response time policies to providing quality service 24 hours a day we’ve got Walnut Creek’s roadside needs in hand! We believe our great business is built upon two things: the team we have and our dedication to service! We perform our services with the cooperation of independently owned and licensed tow truck operators, who will provide you with just the type of service you hope to get, and all for a price that’s hard to beat.

Our Towing & Roadside Assistance Services include:

Our Outstanding Team

This is not just a team of your everyday what’s-its! Professionally trained, credentialed, licensed, bonded, and insured our team of technicians is world-class. Equipped with the latest from software to tools they have what it takes to make sure you’re taken care of—and well! With years of experience behind us as well as dedication to this community we’re out on the roads looking to make a difference in resolving troubles for Walnut Creek drivers. And it’s not just our technicians who are well-trained and committed to customer service, call our 24-hour dispatch and you’ll receive competent and friendly treatment, as well as the immediate dispatch of the nearest truck. Help is on the way in mere moments.

24/7 Expert Tow Truck Services at Your Service

If you want to know about us here at Shield Towing, you should know that we’re all about you! Our company is built upon policies and procedures founded around you and your needs. It is truly our pleasure to serve you and the drivers on the Walnut Creek roads around you! Whether it’s in your driveway, a business parking lot, or on the highways in the area we’re ready for your call! Keep us in your contacts and car troubles will never cause you to stress again!

Shield Towing (925) 397-0960