Gas Refill Service in Walnut Creek by Shield Towing

Many people are not as conscientious as you when it comes to filling your gas tank. You always make sure that you fill your tank before “the light” goes on. What if you forget? It can happen. Imagine having to walk to the nearest gas station to fill the gas can you keep in the trunk of your car. What? You don’t have a gas can? What would you do?

You would call Shield Towing and they will rescue you by providing just enough gasoline to get you to the nearest filling station. Shield Towing will rescue you with gas replenishment and set you on your way.

Shield Towing – Professional in Roadside Services

Shield Towing is an emergency roadside assistance company that is the most progressive and successful tow truck company in the Walnut Creek area. We serve as a model to be imitated by other tow truck companies because of the benefits and services we provide to the Walnut Creek community.

  • We set the pace for availability because we are never closed. We are always there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We set the pace for reliability. You can rely on us to come to your aid within minutes of your call to us. Never worry about being stranded in the cold or dark of night in a potentially dangerous situation.
  • We set the pace for pricing. Our prices are competitive in the industry and surprisingly low. You will be satisfied with the total on your account when you leave.
  • We set the pace for reputation. We are highly regarded within the Walnut Creek community because we have been faithfully serving the community for many years.
  • We set the pace for customer experience. Our highly skilled technicians are not only trained in auto mechanics; they are trained to please the customer.

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