Car Battery Jump Start Services in Walnut Creek

Are you stranded with a dead battery? Simply pick up the phone and let the trusted experts at Shield Towing lend a hand! Batteries die for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck on the road. Shield Towing and a network of independent tow truck operators provide you with 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, which includes professional jump start services. You should never put your life in jeopardy by flagging down a passing driver on a busy highway. Things become far more dangerous at night since your visibility levels are reduced significantly. You need the quick response of Shield Towing to help give your dead battery the powerful boost it needs to get going once again. Our emergency response time is fast! You can be certain that you won’t be stuck for long when we’re already on the way!

Shield Towing -Your Local Roadside Assistance Provider in Walnut Creek

Jump starting a dead battery is fairly simple, and we work 24/7 to assist throughout the night. Only a trained professional should attach jumper cables to connect with a dead battery. You never want to risk your well-being when dealing with live electricity. It’s also essential to have an expert roadside technician make sure your battery is not leaking or isn’t corroded. If there is a leakage in the battery itself, a trained expert will know exactly how to handle it. At Shield Towing, we use safety goggles to avoid getting any potential battery sparks in our eyes. Safety always comes before anything else. This applies to you specifically, as we never put you in direct contact while we’re jump-starting a dead battery. An average jump start should take us no less than 15 minutes to complete. If you require further services, we can provide you with emergency towing 24/7.

Some of Our Other Towing and Roadside Assistance Services Include:

Call Shield Towing 24/7 for All Your Emergencies

Contact Shield Towing anytime 24/7 for all emergency roadside assistance services. Dead battery situations can occur at any given time and without any subtle warning. Make sure you call us immediately in the event of a dead battery emergency. We offer excellent rates and we’ll have you safely on your way in no time.