Professional Private Property Service in Walnut Creek

Shield Towing is a local towing and roadside assistance services provider operating in Walnut Creek. We perform our services with the cooperation of independently owned and licensed tow truck operators. We are dedicated to offering the local community top-class, comprehensive, competitively priced, towing and roadside assistance services, with private property, towing naturally included.
We guarantee fast arrival to any location in Walnut Creek. Once on spot, our highly skilled techs will proceed to load up the vehicle you need to be towed away. It does not matter what type of vehicle you need to be towed nor what the circumstances are, we can tow any vehicle in any kind of situation.

Shield Towing – Inexpensive Services

With private property towing speed is of the essence. After all, the situation may turn sticky if the owner of the vehicle to be towed returns while preparations for towing away their vehicle are underway. With Shield Towing you can rest assured that things are moving along in the swiftest manner possible. In fact, we guarantee fast service to any location within the greater Walnut Creek area. Once on spot our highly experienced tow techs will proceed to load up the vehicle parked on your private property and then tow it away to the nearest lot where such vehicles are kept until their owners make amends, pay the fines due, and may then have their vehicles returned to them.

Professional Local Towing Company in Walnut Creek

Shield Towing’s private property towing service in Walnut Creek is the most professional of its kind. With private property towing professionalism being a key issue, it is essential that no damage be inflicted on the vehicle being removed from your property as such damage may give rise to lawsuits.
At Shield Towing we hire only the most professional, highly experienced tow techs, our techs know all there is to know about private property towing, and they will have the trespassing vehicle removed quickly and without mishap.

Some of Our 24/7 Services:

Competitive Rates

At Shield Towing we are dedicated to providing the community of Walnut Creek with top-class towing and roadside assistance services at rock-bottom rates. We have streamlined our operation so that we can afford to offer prices that our competitors find hard to beat. With us, you can enjoy the best possible kind of private property towing service while paying the lowest possible price.
If you need a vehicle removed from your property in or anywhere around Walnut Creek, calling on us at Shield Towing to do it for you is the best thing you can do.