Roadside Assistance Services in Walnut Creek

Shield Towing’s roadside assistance is all about getting you off the side of the road. When you’re out of gas the worst part can be waiting by your car for roadside assistance to arrive.  And trying to explain to the kids why that dead battery is keeping them from Grandma’s house is hard on everyone.  Don’t let that tire change be the reason for yet another call to the boss.  And even if you’re not in a hurry, waiting is tedious at best.  Get the fastest roadside assistance or off-road recovery Shield Towing has to offer. Shield Towing and a network of independent tow truck operators provide professional towing & roadside assistance services in the Walnut Creek area. Our roadside assistance team is ready 24 hours a day to provide fast response every time, anywhere in Walnut Creek.

Shield Towing – Certified & Reliable Towing Service

Shield Towing Covers all Your Roadside Needs

We know how important your car can be to your life, and how much it can take to keep it going.  Filled the gas tank yesterday, and somehow you are still out of gas? We can help.  Somehow the tire iron doesn’t fit when you need a tire change. We can help. Shield Towing is equipped for all your high-maintenance roadside assistance needs big and small.

And Shield Towing guarantees fast response times and reliable service wherever you are.

We provide gas delivery when you are out of gas because we know how frustrating running out of gas can be. Shield Towing has tire change specialists ready to solve your problems when you have a problematic tire change.  We are ready to provide whatever kind of assistance you need.  Just pick up the phone. Our qualified and experienced service technicians are ready to help a friend in need.

You Can Count On Shield Towing

Fast, efficient roadside assistance is the only kind of roadside assistance Walnut Creek needs.  That’s why our 24-hour team is ready to respond anywhere you are.  We are here with friendly service at any time of day or night. When you need a friend, a good neighbor, or a professional, give us a call. We like to think of our service teams as all three. Call us when your car is down on its luck and you need someone to lend a hand.

Contact us at: (925) 397-0960