Heavy Duty Towing

“I was taking my family — my wife, my two eight-year-old daughters and my ten-year-old son — on a cross-country vacation in our new RV. We were all excited and ready to explore the great outdoors, but I realized something was going on with the engine right away. Sadly, we ended up breaking down on a quiet street in Walnut Creek, and I had no idea what to do!

“You can imagine how tough this was, sitting there with three kids, all of us worried that our vacation was going to be cancelled. Fortunately, I found Shield Towing’s number and gave them a call! One of their expert technicians showed up faster than I expected and towed my RV with the utmost professionalism. We got the engine sorted by a mechanic and finally got our vacation underway with only a brief delay! Thanks, Shield Towing!”

— Dave E. 25.9.18

Flat Tire Change

“I was heading over to the office one Monday morning. My tire blew on the highway and I managed to come to a safe stop. I called a buddy and he recommended Shield Towing. They were really friendly and helpful from the second they picked up the phone. They sent a driver out to replace my tire right then, and I managed to get to work pretty much on time. They were professional and the price was great. Highly recommended.”

— Jim L.  13.5.18

Car Lockout

“Locking yourself out your car’s a silly mistake to make, but I still managed to do it one Saturday afternoon! I couldn’t believe what I’d done, but had to pick my cousin up from the airport within the hour. It was unbelievably annoying, but I knew I’d be getting back into my car as soon as I heard just how friendly and professional the guys at Shield Towing were. They sent a locksmith out to me and he got my keys faster than I expected. And I got to the airport for my cousin right when she was expecting me too!”

— Melissa K. 4.8.18

Out of Gas Refuel

“I had no idea my tank was so low on fuel until it was too late! I got onto the highway and felt my car slowing, and slowing, and slowing. Before I knew it, I was sitting there staring at the dashboard, wanting to kick myself! But I’d relied on Shield Towing before and knew they could get me started again. They sent a technician out to come and refill my gas tank, and I was on my way. They’re a great firm and I’ll definitely call on them next time I need help from the professionals.”

— Sara R.  15.10.18

Flatbed Towing

“I’ve had my car towed before, and when my engine wouldn’t start one day I knew I’d have to call a towing firm again. I was a little worried about how safe my vehicle would be during transportation but was thrilled to see the Shield Towing driver show up with a flatbed tow truck. This kept my car flat and secure while it was on the road. This firm is definitely worth your time!”

— Mitch J. 24.4.18